What students think of the digital proctoring software ProctorVIEW

ProctorVIEW offers a privacy-friendly way to take digital exams. Using this software, educational
institutions can test the knowledge of students in a reliable, honest way, also if they cannot come to
campus. We asked students of different Dutch universities what they think of the digital alternative.

The software makes a temporary connection by which the supervisor is able to monitor students
while they take an exam. During the session, the supervisor can see the student’s browser and the
footage of their camera and smartphone. However, this data is not saved in any way. This is the case
with some other software, which caused a lot of protest among Dutch students because it is unclear
what happens with their data. The privacy of students is at stake. Read more about the student
protests here. In addition, ProctorVIEW does not register the name of the student. The camera
footage is linked to a unique code, and only the supervisor knows which student belongs to which
code. Thus, the student is not tracable in any way within the online environment. Also, the students
can see their own footage during the exam.

With the current modifications, ProctorVIEW responds to the worries of students. The software
minimalises the possibilities for committing fraude while guaranteeing the privacy of students.


Student Tilburg Universiteit

Loes, Leiden University

“I am not very worried about privacy myself, but saving footage of students in their own homes is off the charts I think. There were a lot of concerns within my study program about filming with your smartphone, so in the end I only had to turn on the camera of my laptop. But if the camera footage is immediately deleted, it seems less problematic to also provide camera footage of your environment with your smartphone. I can see why this is important, as the smartphone footage is an important tool to prevent fraud.” 

“I can imagine that students will be more at ease using this software because they know where they stand. Previously, it was unclear what would happen to the footage, which caused a lot of insecurity among students. With ProctorVIEW students are not traceable, not even with their name. That should give them a sense of security.”


Technische Universiteit Delft

Kamiel, Technische Universiteit Delft

“The software seems the ideal alternative to me. For my own online exams, I didn’t have to use a camera. Instead, the examiners adapted the questions just so students couldn’t easily look up any of the answers. Because of that, I suddenly had to get used to a very different way of testing. With ProctorVIEW would provide the possibility to test in the familiar way: there are barely any opportunities to commit fraud, so they do not have to alter the exam questions. 

“Moreover, it sounds a lot safer than before because the program does not save any footage. I do not see any reason why I wouldn’t agree with taking an exam under these circumstances. It is just like taking an exam in an examination room, except that there is a temporary online connection. And even if you are hacked, you name is not linked to the data. That provides even more security.”


Universiteit Leiden

Charlotte, Tilburg University

“It’s a good thing that ProctorVIEW tries its best to guarantee the privacy of students. The technology sounds okay, I can’t think of anything being wrong with it. I can imagine that it would be a wonderful solution for people who are studying abroad: they don’t have to come back to their university just to take an exam. They can choose to take the exam online.”

“But just this solution is not enough of course. There should be good protocols so supervisors cannot take screenshots of the footage and distribute them with impunity. Also, people who do not have the financial means or do not live in a safe environment should still have the opportunity to take their exam on site. If the educational institute offers students those opportunities, I would not have an issue with the use of this technology.”

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